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Rodrigo Carapia

“I’ve been waiting for the opportunity to do something like this. I’m a big soccer fan. I’m glad I got the opportunity. I put a lot of time and work into this poster,” says Madison artist Rodrigo Carapia, whose artwork is being featured on posters promoting tonight’s Forward Madison FC game. “I think this is something that artists really need. We need opportunities in these kinds of spaces, especially with a lot of fans like this. We can really show what we are capable of doing to so many people. We can show our skills and our passion for art.”

Carapia devised the soccer match poster for tonight’s Madison Forward FC game versus New England Revolution II that will take place at Breese Stevens Field at 7 p.m.

“I worked on this for different days a little bit by little bit. It took me 20-30 hours total,” Carapia tells Madison365. “It took a while to bring the whole idea together with the flamingos and the soccer and the colors. The flowers represent the Latino community and I wanted to make sure we had that in there, too. A lot of the Latino community likes those kinds of flowers. My art uses a lot of flowers, too, so it was important to me to add them.”

Carapia also added the logo of New England Revolution II for the promotional poster. “Usually, it would be the mascot but the other team doesn’t have a mascot so I was able to add their logo on the bottom underwater,” he says.

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