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Latinos Organizing for Understanding and Development (LOUD) is a statewide initiative focused on promoting collaboration between Latino arts and service organizations, artists, and the communities in which they operate.

Besides organizing conversations and outreach, LOUD has been devoted to memorializing the moment and the movement captured by the murals installed in downtown Madison during the summer of 2020.

To learn more about LOUD you can read information below about our team or contact us at

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Oscar Mireles is the founder of Latinos Organizing for Understanding and Development (LOUD).

He created LOUD in 2016 to support his efforts as Poet Laureate of Madison. He was the Poet Laureate of the City of Madison for 2016-2020.

Oscar is the Executive Director of Omega School, the Vice President of the Board of Directors of the Madison Museum of Contemporary Arts (MMOCA) (2016-2021), the Mayoral Appointment to the Overture Center for the Arts (2019-2022) and a Board Member of the Madison Symphony Orchestra (2021-2024). 

About Us: Team Members


Program Manager

Jan is a team member on a number of community-based initiatives with the common thread of social justice, equal access, multicultural intersectionality, and stuff that makes her wildly enthusiastic.

Jan retired in 2016 after working in higher education and social services in her hometown of San Diego and then in Madison since 1991. In those years she dabbled in rabble rousing on the usual litany of social justice issues and school board elections.


Jan's recent focus on campaigns has been in the areas of demystifying how to run for office (particularly with Adelante Madison); working on training materials and candidate discussion groups; triaging immediate needs; and generally trying to cross the barrier between well-connected and well-funded candidates and campaigns; and grass-roots leadership, knowledge, and experience. She has a history of claiming she won't work on individual campaigns, only to have her resolve dissolve.


Jan lived adjacent to the worlds of Chicanx/Mexicanx bilingual poetry/art and intersectional multicultural issues and is delighted to be working with LOUD. 

Jan has a consulting service centered around these activities which can be reached at

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Benny helps manage digital assets and technology for LOUD.

Benny is the co-founder of Birdwell Solutions

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